Wish List


If you want a particular item, email me at matt@PreWarRiley.com and I will place it on this page and try to source it for you.


  1. PP requires an offside k/o halfshaft narrow track for Falcon.  Good splines.
  2. MW requires vintage chassis and V5.
  3. Early 6 cyl dynamo.
  4. 6 cyl Ltype head.
  5. Twin Carb manifold for a 6 cylinder.
  6. Vintage Tourer body..preferably 4 door.
  7. Set of 1933 wings from Lynx.
  8. 12/4 Sprite type head.
  9. Any body parts for Briggs bodied 1937 12/4 Falcon.

10. Water pump assy for early 6cyl engine.



Info or purchase required for a WD tourer . All help appreciated.